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Professor Dr. Zhenjun Tang (唐振军)  (Google scholar)


School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin 541004, P. R. China

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Research Projects

  1. 2017-2020, Research on Novel Hashing Algorithms for Digital Images, Guangxi Natural Science Foundation , PI.

  2. 2014-2016, Image Hashing Theories and Methods Based on Data Dimensionality Reduction and Compressive Sensing, Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), PI.

  3. 2012-2014, Perceptual Image Hashing Algorithms and Their Applications, Guangxi Natural Science Foundation for Young Researchers, PI.

  4. 2010-2013, Several Problems of Robust Image Hashing, Scientific Research Foundation of Guangxi Normal University for Doctor Programs, PI.

Journal Papers

  1. Zhenjun Tang, Lv Chen, Xianquan Zhang, Shichao Zhang, Robust Image Hashing with Tensor Decomposition, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol.31, no.3, pp.549-560, 2019. [Abstract]

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Conference Papers

  1. Zhenjun Tang, Junwei Yu, Xianquan Zhang, Shichao Zhang, Discovery of Tampered Image with Robust Hashing, The 10th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA 2014), Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, vol.8933, pp.112-122, 2014.[Abstract]

  2. Zhenjun Tang, Yumin Dai, Xianquan Zhang, Shichao Zhang, Perceptual image hashing with histogram of color vector angles, 2012 International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT 2012), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol.7669, pp.237-246, 2012.[Abstract]

  3. Zhenjun Tang, Shuozhong Wang, Xinpeng Zhang, Weimin Wei, Perceptual similarity metric resilient to rotation for application in robust image hashing, In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (MUE 2009), June 4-6, 2009, pp.183-188, Qingdao, China.[Abstract]

Master's Thesises

  1. Visual Hashing Algorithms Based on Tensor Decomposition and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (Student: Lv Chen, 2015-2018)

  2. Image Hashing Based on Visual Saliency Model (Student: Yongzheng Yu, 2016-2018)

  3. Robust Image Hashing Based on LLE and NMF (Student: Huan Lao, 2014-2017)

  4. Image Hashing Based on Multidimensional Scaling and Wavelet Statistical Features (Student: Ziqing Huang, 2014-2017)

  5. Image Hashing Based on Compressive Sensing (Student: Kai Liu, 2013-2016)

  6. Image Hashing Algorithms Based on DWT Feature Points and Direction Histogram (Student: Xiuqin Li, 2013-2016)

  7. Image Hashing Algorithms Based on Locally Linear Embedding and Locality Preserving Projection (Student: Linlin Ruan, 2012-2015)

  8. Image Hashing Based on Local Invariant Moments and DWT Feature Matrix (Student: Junwei Yu, 2012-2015)

  9. Image Hashing Algorithms Resistant to Rotation (Student: Liyan Huang, 2011-2014)

  10. Perceptual Hashing for Image Copy Detection (Student: Fan Yang, 2011-2014)

  11. Image Hashing Based on Invariant Properties and Color Vector Angles (Student: Yumin Dai, 2010-2013)

Chinese Patents

  1. Zhenjun Tang, Xianquan Zhang, Ronghai Sun, Fangyuan Qin, Image Hashing Method Based on Thumbnail Image and Singular Value Decomposition, Patent Number: ZL201110033139.2, Authorized Date: 2011-01-29.

  2. Zhenjun Tang, Xianquan Zhang, Shichao Zhang, Image Hashing Method Based on Statistical Ring Features for Resisting Rotation, Patent Number: ZL 201210291572.0, Authorized Date: 2016-3-7.

  3. Zhenjun Tang, Linlin Ruan, Xianquan Zhang, Chunqiang Yu, Ronghai Sun, Image Digest Method Based on Mean Secondary Image and Locality Preserving Projection, Application Number: 201510144400.4, Authorized Date: 2018-1-5.

Copyright of Computer Software

  1. Huan Lao, Zhenjun Tang, Image Hashing Software, National Copyright Administration of China, No.2015SR125291, Date: 2015-7-6.

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